A new template…again…and a new post!

I’ve fixed up the template and added some new links. I added links to YouTube videos, my PageFlakes pages, and another blog I use to test Blogger’s news features. My YouTube and Delicious accounts will be filling up with links migrating from my other accounts.

The Charles Gnilka Blog Laboratory is my other project. I like WordPress, but Google is improving their Blogger blog platform. The Google team is adding new features to Blogger and their recent purchase of Feedburner will be a valuable asset.

I have been researching what the future of blogging will be. With Twitter and Facebook gaining users and building new communities, the blog landscape is changing.

While new bloggers are appearing every day, I have seen some of my favorite bloggers shut down their blogs and move on to other pursuits. They are still online and using the Internet to communicate, but for one reason or another they felt their current blogs had run their course.

Other bloggers felt burned out by the stress of writing and felt they were not measuring up to their blogging goals. When blogging feels like a chore, then it probably is best to give it a rest.

While looking through YouTube videos I found a clip of Ray Bradbury talking about the art of writing. While he is speaking about writing novels and short stories, I’m sure his advice could appeal to blogs as well.

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