Handy resources for setting up WordPress

Once you have installed your WordPress blog, fine-tuning your setup from the start will allow you get blogging with fewer glitches.

Here are some resources and tips I found helpful.

  • Download Squad features a post-install checklist. Going through this checklist will show you where all the features are located.
  • When you read through the Download Squad checklist, take note of item #10 on permalinks. Permalinks can be configured to be more pleasing, but permalinks alone will not influence your search engine rankings. You need content to do that. You can find more on permalinks on this page.
  • Get familiar with the writing interface on a few disposable test posts. Familiarity with the interface will make your writing easier. Tinkering with settings while trying to write breaks your focus.
  • If you change your blog’s URI under the options tab to the wrong address, your blog directory starts looking in the wrong place. Getting back to the dashboard is impossible. To reset your WordPress URI, use this PHP script. Even if you have not broken your URI, keep this script handy just in case. It is like having a second pair of keys to your house. Always use caution if you are going to change any major setting to your blog. If you do not fully know what you are doing, do not mess with it. A good browse through the WordPress Docs page is recommended too.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox and have the NoScript plug-in, make sure you add your blog’s URL to the allow list, or your blog dashboard will be missing key features.

If you have any WordPress tips, post a comment and let me know.

2 Responses to “Handy resources for setting up WordPress”

  1. Lorelle Says:

    Just a note. “If you want search engines to find your posts, you need to edit your permalinks” is not true. Permalinks are text-like addresses for your web pages. They do not influence, one way or another, whether or not a search engine finds your posts. There is some belief that it adds some weight to your page rank in Google, though it really isn’t much on the overall score card compared to keywords in content, title and descriptions in links and images, keywords in headings, and so on.

    They were originally referred to as “pretty permalinks” or “pretty urls” since they turned something like /example.com/index.php?p=4356 into /example.com/2007/01/27/article-title-here-is-nice. They do no more than that.

    Search engines will find you, if your underlying code lets them. What they find when they get there is up to you, and permalinks aren’t that important, only pretty. ;-)

  2. charles Says:

    Yikes! I will fix that right away. Thanks for the info!

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