My Birthday Present

Today is my birthday. As a present to myself, I am starting up this blog again.

I haven’t posted here in months. It was not because lacked anything write, but because I had other places to share it.

Over the last few months I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter to share stories, keep in touch with friends, and meet others who share my interests.

I set this blog up originally to test out WordPress. I had a basic blogging strategy of what I wanted to accomplish here. I made efforts to post here on a regular basis. I soon discovered Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

“Tweeting” and posting links into Facebook were quick and easy. I found myself drifting away from blogging and using those resources more. I also wanted to find out how useful were these tools were in everyday use.

I am dealing with my own information overload. I love all the tools that so-called “Web 2.0″ has brought us, but there are only so many RSS feeds, news services, YouTube channels, and micro-blogging sites that one person can read and gain useful information.

In the last few months I’ve learned a great deal about the benefits and pitfalls of social media. I’ll share what I have learned in future posts about my successes and mistakes.

After posting that photo of the cupcake, now I really do want one.

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