Adobe asks “What’s in the box?”

According to The Apple Insider, the new version of Adobe Creative suite, or CS3, now has an official launch date of March 27.

To promote the new suite, Adobe has posted this video on YouTube. A glowing cube is passed around by users in the video, representing the creative energy and flexibility of Adobe’s new software.

The Apple Insider also reports that there will be six versions of the the suite, offered at different prices and combinations of programs.

I know this will reveal my geek nature, but I think the glowing cube in the Adobe video does bear an unsettling resemblance to a dangerously radioactive alien buoy in the Star Trek episode The Corbomite Maneuver, featured in the preview below.

Let’s hope that the new version of Creative Suite is more friendly to designers than the glowing space cube was to the USS Enterprise.

Another disturbing take on the Adobe commercial is the slogan “What’s in the box?”. I’m sure they didn’t mean to make this comparison, but every time I hear “What’s in the box?”, I think of a gut-wrenching scene in the movie Seven.

Killer space cubes and references to gloomy David Fincher films aside, I am still happy that CS3 is almost here and how Adobe kept Fireworks around after buying out Macromedia.

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