The End Of Pageflakes? I hope not!

I discovered that has gone offline. Details are sketchy to why the site is down, but I hope it comes back soon.

I have come to depend on Pageflakes for tracking the blogs on web design, graphics, and social media that I read. I do use iGoogle and have my links backed up on, so I am not worried about losing links if Pageflakes does not return.

While there are alternative services that are similar to Pageflakes, such as NetVibes and iGoogle, I liked the way Pageflakes would show graphics and text of the feeds it pulled in. I could scan a Pageflakes page and seek out the stories I wanted to read faster than any other reader.

If Pageflakes does not come back, I’ll just find a new way to read RSS. I’m just not looking forward to organizing all those feeds again.

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